Monday 3rd June  Day 1 Pre-Conference Workshops

1200 – 1300 Workshop Registration (attendees may register for workshop & conference)

1300 – 1700 Pre-conference Workshops (includes afternoon tea):

Workshop A – Kate Englebrecht   Spirituality and Reflective Practice

Workshop B – Dr Michael Barbato    Experiences around Death and Dying

Workshop C – Michael Dash        Mindfulness and Grief

1715 – 1845 NSW Network of Managers of Palliative Care Volunteers – June Quarterly Meeting

1900 Dinner / Social Event

Tuesday 4th June  Day 2  Conference

0900 – 1000      Conference Registration

1000 – 1030     Conference Opening & Welcome to Country

1030 – 1115      Plenary 1 – The ‘IMPACT’ we have on the lives of others: palliative care and sacred space  Melissa Cumming

Melissa Cumming is the Director of Cancer and Palliative Care Services for the Far West LHD. Melissa is a Registered Nurse with over 33 years’ experience in Palliative Care. She has a Master’s Degree in Palliative Care, and a background in bereavement counselling and university education. After establishing the Specialist Palliative Care Service in Broken Hill in 1989, she trained her first group of palliative care volunteers in 1991. After many years without volunteers, Melissa employed Volunteer Coordinators who oversee a new and growing cohort of palliative care volunteers for the community and inpatient setting.

1115 – 1145      Morning Tea

1145 – 1230      Plenary 2 – Protective Mechanisms against Vicarious Trauma Lyn Worsley

Lyn Worsley is a Clinical Psychologist and a Registered Nurse. She is the director of the Resilience Centre in Sydney Australia, which has a reputation for innovative solution -focused approaches to client change through individual and group therapies for over 21 years. At the Resilience Centre, Lyn supervises specialist psychologists, and coordinates community seminars, training workshops, and resilience groups for people of all ages. Lyn and the team of Psychologists at the Resilience Centre have set up specialist clinics for youth with eating difficulties, adults with past trauma and a unique service for separated families using a solution focused family intervention model.

1230 – 1315      Plenary 3 – Telling their Story: The Sacred Heart Volunteer Biography Service  Julie Gissing and Robyn Swanson

Since 2016 Julie Gissing and Robyn Swanson have jointly managed the volunteers involved in the Sacred Heart Biography Service. The Biography Service in its current form started at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney with one volunteer in 2009. Julie and Robyn, both experienced volunteers, were recruited as joint coordinators to develop the Service and ensure its sustainability. Since then the number of trained biography volunteers has grown to 45, enabling members of the Community Palliative Care Team to offer it with confidence to their clients, with referrals coming from community nurses and allied health.

1315 – 1415      Lunch

1415 – 1515      Panel Discussion – Therapeutic Relationships  Kate Englebrecht (facilitator)

Kate Englebrecht has a background in education, pastoral care, leadership and community and until recently was Director of Mission and Vice-Chancellor of the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes. Her work involves supporting people, communities and organisations to keep focus on the things that matter and to recognise the things that don’t. In 2018 Kate facilitated a number of forums around NSW on Spirituality and Palliative Care on behalf of the Volunteer Support Services Programme. Kate has a particular desire to support those who care for those who are dying, to encourage people to speak what needs to be said and to engage people in worthwhile conversations.

1515 – 1545      Afternoon Tea

1545 – 1700      Afternoon Concurrent Sessions

  1. Stream 1 – Self-Care
  2. Stream 2 – Language
  3. Stream 3 – Story Telling
  4. Stream 4 – Community

1700 – 1730      Plenary 4 – Palliative Companion Animals Delta Therapy Dogs  

1730 – 1800     Conference Close