Abstracts and Presentations

Abstract instructions

What topics are of interest to the conference attendees? Attendees at the conference are likely to be a mixture of palliative care volunteers, volunteer managers, clinicians, pastoral care staff and volunteers and others interested in palliative care. We expect that they will be interested in learning new insights into their volunteer and volunteer management roles, as well as how palliative care volunteering is experienced more broadly in the health system.

Does your presentation fit with the conference? Your presentation must address the conference theme (‘Relationships in Palliative Care’) and state which Stream (Self-care, Language, Story-Telling, Community) your presentation is most relevant to.

Are there any other guidelines for presentations? The presentation must be no longer than 15 minutes, you must be prepared to answer questions afterwards. You will have access to a computer/digital projector for presentations or short videos, a whiteboard, and a microphone. If you require other technology you should indicate this in your Abstract.

What level of detail should go into the Abstract? The Abstract is a summary of your presentation and should be about 250-300 words long. Describe the content of your presentation and why you think it will be of interest to attendees.

Can my colleague and I do a joint presentation? Yes, but no more than 2 presenters please as the time allocation (15 minutes) is limited.

What information do I include in the Abstract? The title of your presentation, a short description of the content of the presentation written to attract the interest of attendees, the presenter/s full name and title, and it should indicate whether the presenter is a volunteer, clinician, volunteer manager or other. Also include a short biography (a few sentences at most) about the presenter/s.

What happens if I am successful? You will be notified in the first week in April. All successful abstracts will be published on the conference website.

Please note: All presenters will be required to register for the conference and pay the registration fee. You must also arrange your own travel and accommodation.

Submission of abstracts

 Please send your Abstract to us by 5pm Monday 18 March 2019. You can email us your document, OR upload your document using the form below OR complete the following form.